It looks like this whole coronavirus situation has travelers keeping their distance. Our friends at the American Hotel & Lodging Association sent us a copy of a travel survey. It shows something we have said for years. Improvements to health and sanitation protocols would have considerable impact on guests' comfort levels staying at various lodgings.
We have written in the past about the Wild Turkey Tavern in Avon Park. Recently we learned that they are serving breakfast. They're only available on the weekend, which fit our schedule. So, we decided to drop by and give it a shot. We sat in the corner booth and...
Today is Father's day. It is the day each year we dedicate to dad (and grandfather). And just as we like our dads to know how much we appreciate what have done for us and our families, there are some Florida Fathers to whom we'd like to pay tribute. Dick Pope
Today is Summer Solstice 2020. We did not realize it until we arose this morning and started seeing the greetings. I had told my wife that one of my goals was to do what I'd talked about earlier in the sunrise and sunset blog. That is, we would spend...
Florida is reopening in phases and it continues to pick up steam. We read where our Governor, Ron DeSantis says he will not close the state again. This makes us happy and more eager to travel. Those who follow us know that we were kept from traveling for a while....
So, earlier we talked about the SpaceX manned launch. After it was scrubbed from a mid-week affair to a Saturday, we took the plunge and decided to head to the Space Coast. I think this was one of our most impromptu and funnest trips ever. We called an old...
We have just learned that Florida Fun Travel has topped 200,000 views since our inception three short years ago. It was at the end of last year that we hit another milestone - 100,000 unique visits. Both those numbers are for us both huge and humbling. When we started...
It appears that due to the Coronavirus some think Memorial Day travel might be down - but not for us. Our plan is to get back into vacation mode We recently received a press release from the American Automobile Club (AAA). It said for the first time in...
As things begin to get back in gear, many people want to know how to tell which Florida beaches are open. To that end, we have found there are several ways to check - especially if you know where you are headed. Over the course of time, we have...
We were sitting around planning our next adventure when we started to consider what we love about Florida. And the answer is - quite a lot. At first we tried to prioritize our list. But that turned out to be a fool's errand. So instead, we thought we'd present them here in no particular...


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